Swedish by nationality.

Born & raised in Belgium.

U.K.-based since March 2017.

Nutritionist, Yoga Teacher, Eternal Student.


As a Holistic Nutritionist it's my goal to support you in discovering your path to a healthier lifestyle.

This path is different for everybody so my support is adapted to your specific situation.


If you feel like you should feel better than you do, drop me a line!

For curious first-timers, hesitant beginners, inflexible runners, and really just anyone who prefers small classes & values building a practice with understanding of the poses & their benefits.


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Once a little lifestyle shop in Sweden, now looking for ways to grow roots in the U.K.


Whether you are looking for alternatives to plastic or something special to beautify your life while respecting nature, have a look in my shop, you might just find the most perfect gift (for yourself or someone else).


Proud to be collaborating with JarFull & CALF


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On September 1st I started a new thing I call "Twenty-one months of Projects".

I've vowed to make this time my most creative ever and by the end of it I will be climbing Mont Blanc with my other half.


I'm currently taking pottery classes and have stocked up on watercolour paint. I've finally brought my guitar over from Sweden & my running shoes have seen daylight at least a little more than they are used to ...


My blog is there to keep me accountable ... I'll be writing about my experiences (hopefully getting fitter & being more creative)to keep me going.




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