About me

Swedish by nationality.

Born & raised in Belgium.

Spends her time wisely between Sweden & France.

Nutritionist, Yoga Teacher, Eternal Student.

Compulsive Picture Taker.

Dreams of her own Tiny House.

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About Me

I'm one of about 7 billion humans on planet earth. Just like you!

I was born in Belgium, moved to France with my mum and sister when I was 16, then to Sweden when I was 22, and now find myself back in France after having tried life in England for a couple of years.

I love to travel just as much as I like to be home - which makes it very tricky deciding what to do in life - do I want to be a globetrotter or a house-owner?

My mission, as a holistic nutritionist and yoga teacher, is to live the healthiest life possible -in mind, body and spirit- and inspire people to think twice about the impact everything we do, say, think, eat, buy & throw away has on our lives and the world we live in.

I've kept a blog ever since I first moved countries. It helps me reflect, helps me focus (not just my lense) on the beauty in everyday life and it satisfies my need to share ...

Beauty can be found everywhere, as long as we set out to find it.


Aina Maj

/eye-na my/

A little more Background?

Everyone has their story.

During my yoga teacher training my fellow students & I were asked to ponder the question "Who am I without my story?" and watched (some of) our ego unravel and some of our hurt melt away.

You are what you identify yourself as. If you identify with a story that doesn't serve you, then maybe it's time for some rewriting.

I've been very conscious, during my move from Sweden to England, to take only with me what I wanted to take with me, instead of taking everything simply because it belonged to me. Not just in terms of material things, but just as much in terms of attachments, beliefs, expectations ...

Leaving England forced me to do the same thing all over again, only 2 years later. And I'm pleased to say that so many things that I thought I couldn't live without then, had completely lost their grip on me.

Letting go is a difficult thing, but oh so necessary to move on to the place you want to be in, to be the person you want to be.

What this means (to me) in terms of yoga:

Other than a nice way to move your body and get the juices flowing, yoga for me is about awareness, sensitivity and consciousness. It's about concentration, being in the moment, observing  your mind, unraveling your ego and replacing hurtful thought patterns with wise ones.

The goal is not the fanciest pose or the most flexible body,

the goal is connection, to ourselves and others,

as well as the cultivation of compassion, for ourselves as well as others,

and then to take this off the mat into your daily life.

Wear clothes you can move in comfortably and find out what yoga is to you.


What this means (to me) in terms of nutrition:

I provide one-on-one coaching in the field of Natural Nutrition for people who want to take wellbeing into their own hands by unearthing the source of their health problems by examining their family history, habitual diet, lifestyle, and the various subtle and less subtle symptoms their body is displaying.


Upon completing the initial assessment, a feasible & holistic plan of action is established to bring balance back to the body and mind.

This path takes courage. Letting go of less-than-optimal habits and thinking patterns is a challenge that takes us right out of our comfort zones, but it's a small price to pay to feel well.

Responsibility for health does not belong to health care practitioners, insurance companies, lawyers or the government. It belongs to the individual. It belongs to you.

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